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Barbara Anna Zielonka is a full-time high school English teacher, educational technologist, teacher trainer, project manager, judge in international educational competitions, lifelong learner and catalyst for change and author. In May 2017, Barbara received the ‘Gullepleprisen 2017’ from the Norwegian Educational Data Society (NPeD). This prestigious prize is awarded yearly to an educator who has used ICT in teaching in an innovative way. In June 2017, Barbara became the only European winner of the Great Global Project Challenge Grant for her global project called ‘The Universe is Made of Tiny Stories’. In March 2018, Barbara was named one of the top 10 finalists of the one million dollar Global Teacher Prize. In May 2018, Barbara became the laureate of the ‘Outstanding Pole in Norway’ contest in the category of Science. In May 2019, she published Keys to Educational Success: The Teaching Methods of a Top 10 Finalist of the Global Teacher Prize.  You can view Barbara's website here:

Barbara Zielonka


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